Creating and participating with our health is a life-long pursuit.  As with most things, we reach our goals faster when we ask for a little help from our friends. Hire The Cleansing Project to help you find your balance. Address and eliminate toxic food triggers with help from our experts. Feel healthier in less than 30 days!

Meet TCP's Leader

Diana Bisso has been a passionate health care leader and fitness consultant for 15+ years. After graduating from New York University with a dual-degree in Dance and Education, she dove head first in training with America’s finest Yoga Masters including: Bikram and Rajashree Choudhury (Bikram Yoga), Tim Miller (Ashtanga Yoga), Peter Rizzo (Vinyasa Yoga), Dharma Mittra (Dharma Yoga) and finally, John Friend (Anusara Yoga). All of which would be a strictly athletic challenge without the invaluable lessons and study of yoga philosophy with Dr. Douglas Brooks (Rajanaka Yoga).

Inspired by her teachers, Diana began instructing the treasured techniques around mastery and movement and was staffed, at age 24, as an adjunct professor at The Juilliard School in NYC, teaching dancers the art of alignment.  By age 26, Diana received an invitation to train athletes at the US Olympic Training Center in San Diego, California.  Since then, she has led yoga workshops and wellness retreats both nationally and internationally, and has been featured on the covers of Yoga International and Yoga Fish, as well as being pictured as a posture model in various articles and publications researching structural alignment.  In 2007, Diana became the owner and director of Bikram Yoga (Locust Valley), where she taught yoga and the philosophy of health and movement. Most recently, Diana has been accepted into a comprehensive program to receive training in the classical approach to Pilates, a deeply respected method and discipline for full body rehabilitation and conditioning.

As a lover of all movement, Diana began studying the effects that proper (and improper) nutrition has on athletes' physical and mental performance. She is a trained cook, having studied at Natural Gormet Institute in NYC, and uses her knowledge of food as medicine to help her clients find dietary balance. Diana focuses on addressing and eliminating hidden toxic food triggers, and is currently working on publishing material to share her method of cleansing. At the close of 2012, Diana sold her yoga studio to focus exclusively on representing and building The Cleansing Project brand. She is now serving clients near and far (through facetime/skype technology) to make lasting shifts toward optimal wellness. Schedule your consult with Diana today!



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